Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ice, Ice go away!!!

The weather is looking **Yucky** today!! Possible freezing rain, meaning ICE AGAIN!! Though it doesn't sound like it will be too much accumulation, but this freezy rainy stuff could last clear thru the weekend...BUMMER!! Well, I guess I may have an excuse just to sew to my hearts desire, that is if we don't lose electricity. I sure do not want a repeat of ICE STORM 2007, the storm that left us without electricity for 6 days.. no warm water, no heat, no telephone and very, very frigid temperatures (though this was good for our food supply). My witty children said that we were living in an Amish paradise:o)!! Oh, how my precious offspring make me smile:o)!!!

I plan to get something accomplished today, if it is the very last thing I do... I will create today!! I have yet to get anything completed as far as my latest sewing projects go, though it is all taking shape. I will post pictures as soon I can successfully hide from the rest of the world and get something done:o)!! The children, work, the house and other things have been fighting for my attention lately and I just need hide and get to work on crafting--wish me luck!

Well, I am off! Have a blessed day!!

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