Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Merry, Merry Christmas!!! Just wanted to wish everyone a wonderfully, blessed Christmas!! The day has started early in the Akers' household, 4:30am for my youngest two--crazy kids--7:00am for the rest of us. Presents are opened and the playing has began..."Guitar Hero III" is going in the living room, "Littlest Petshop Game" is going on the extra TV, I am cooking in the kitchen--oohh, I am blogging too :o)--MP3 players going, reading of Manga, drawing of Manga, playing of real guitar, etc.... the list goes and goes. Oh, how wonderful to see all the smiling faces and the peaceful busyness. I know that may sound crazy to some, but things are humming around here but there is a wonderful peace in my house today that I am sooo thankful to enjoy!! Christmas, what a fabulous day and what an AWESOME gift we celebrate today--JESUS--without HIM our joy would not be so full and complete and it is because of HIM that we, in the Akers' house, smile, sing, and play today unlike some years in the past!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!!

With that said, I am off to the kitchen to "play" some more and hang out with my children and hubby, call family, and just bask in the "peaceful busyness"!!

Have a blessed Christmas Day!!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas BREAK BEGINS!!!

It has been such a very busy couple of weeks around my house! Glad to say that they have been productive and mucho blessed weeks! The Christmas shopping and making is complete, I think???--I am always wondering if I have forgotten something or someone. It doesn't even matter if I have made my list and checked it twice I seem to always feel like something is not done.. Anyway, at this very moment I am feeling content that I have done what I need to do..so far.....

The children are out of school for their Christmas break and we are all thankful for a break. Sleeping in starts next week, for me anyway, the kids and daddy will start ASAP:o). We will have some good family time, relaxing and reconnecting, YEAH!! Soon, very soon all that will be over and we (including me) will be at school, work, and back to the rat race..so I plan to enjoy this small morsel of time.

OHH, I must share the little softie doll that I finished last night. She is a gift for a great niece (ohh, that doesn't sound right at all, how 'bout just niece). My dd asked me to help her make something for her, since she had drawn/drew (whichever is proper grammar) her name for Christmas. I also made the dolly a blanket, ohh it was fun to do some handwork-- very therapeutic. Enjoy the pictures.. I almost forgot, I had to, just had to add a beauty mark to the little dolly, she needed it, my dd wasn't too thrilled but consented quickly, thanks my sweety!!
Have a blessed day and remember Jesus is the reason for this season we call CHRISTMAS!!! Merry Christmas!!

Saturday, December 8, 2007


Today is my birthday, normally I would say "hisss boooo hissss booo", but this has been a fabulously blessed day!! God is SOOOO GOOOD!!! He has blessed me with a wonderful husband, beautiful children, and glorious friends!! My dh made me a cake, took me to a chick flick (Bella-- which is great btw), to BN just to look at craft books, and then to eat! My children loved on me all day, my daughter Lizzie made me a truly stunning birthday banner... THANKS LIZZIE!!! I don't want to forget to mention all the wonderful birthday wishes and cards I received tooo.... It was a blessed day..... Yeahhhh for being 18 with experience!!!:o)

Hugs to all who made my day a special one, ahhh heck hugs to everyone:o)!!!

Have a blessed day!!!

Friday, December 7, 2007


I did it, I accomplished something yesterday!!! I actually completed some of my Christmas creations. I really need to be getting ready to leave for work right now, but I had to share a quick couple of pictures with you.. I spent most of the day yesterday working on quilted coasters, they are a spin off of another coaster tut I found online, crisscross coasters http://allsorts.typepad.com/allsorts/2006/11/crisscross_coas.html, thanks Jenny B. Harris for the inspiritation!! So without any further aduuuu.... Here is what I have to offer..
Have a blessed day!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ice, Ice go away!!!

The weather is looking **Yucky** today!! Possible freezing rain, meaning ICE AGAIN!! Though it doesn't sound like it will be too much accumulation, but this freezy rainy stuff could last clear thru the weekend...BUMMER!! Well, I guess I may have an excuse just to sew to my hearts desire, that is if we don't lose electricity. I sure do not want a repeat of ICE STORM 2007, the storm that left us without electricity for 6 days.. no warm water, no heat, no telephone and very, very frigid temperatures (though this was good for our food supply). My witty children said that we were living in an Amish paradise:o)!! Oh, how my precious offspring make me smile:o)!!!

I plan to get something accomplished today, if it is the very last thing I do... I will create today!! I have yet to get anything completed as far as my latest sewing projects go, though it is all taking shape. I will post pictures as soon I can successfully hide from the rest of the world and get something done:o)!! The children, work, the house and other things have been fighting for my attention lately and I just need hide and get to work on crafting--wish me luck!

Well, I am off! Have a blessed day!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Beautiful day in the neighborhood!!

OHH, how blessed I am!!! The sun is shining, no where to really go, and tons of creating ahead of me!!! I am looking forward to finishing some Christmas presents today while the kids are at school. I LOVE, LOVE making things for Christmas. If we could all just grasp the wonder of handmade, love infused gifts at Christmas wouldn't it be wonderful........ahhhhhhhh, I am imagining it right now:o)!!---~~~~~Okay I am back from my dream. I am hoping to figure the blogging stuff out and share some pictures of my "loved on" creations soon!!

Well, I am off to create! Have a blessed day!!!