Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas BREAK BEGINS!!!

It has been such a very busy couple of weeks around my house! Glad to say that they have been productive and mucho blessed weeks! The Christmas shopping and making is complete, I think???--I am always wondering if I have forgotten something or someone. It doesn't even matter if I have made my list and checked it twice I seem to always feel like something is not done.. Anyway, at this very moment I am feeling content that I have done what I need to far.....

The children are out of school for their Christmas break and we are all thankful for a break. Sleeping in starts next week, for me anyway, the kids and daddy will start ASAP:o). We will have some good family time, relaxing and reconnecting, YEAH!! Soon, very soon all that will be over and we (including me) will be at school, work, and back to the rat I plan to enjoy this small morsel of time.

OHH, I must share the little softie doll that I finished last night. She is a gift for a great niece (ohh, that doesn't sound right at all, how 'bout just niece). My dd asked me to help her make something for her, since she had drawn/drew (whichever is proper grammar) her name for Christmas. I also made the dolly a blanket, ohh it was fun to do some handwork-- very therapeutic. Enjoy the pictures.. I almost forgot, I had to, just had to add a beauty mark to the little dolly, she needed it, my dd wasn't too thrilled but consented quickly, thanks my sweety!!
Have a blessed day and remember Jesus is the reason for this season we call CHRISTMAS!!! Merry Christmas!!

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Melanie said...

She's cute! It's about time you got back to blogging- your public awaits!

Merry Christmas!