Thursday, February 14, 2008

ICE STORM '08 and "I almost made an A.."

Wiped out Willow and Thorn Bush with 1" ice Thorn bush w/ 1" of ice

Okay, I know maybe, just maybe I shouldn't be disappointed with a B+ on an algebra test, but I AM!! Though if you were to transport me back 20 years I would be doing some sort of dance and probably treating myself to chocolate and a week off from studying... BUT I am older now and know I could have done better, especially with the horrindously, stupid mistakes that I made that kept me from an A!!!! OOOOkkkayyy, I am over it and will happily accept my B+ and do better next time, now to go beat the stupid mistakes out of my head!!

Check out these pictures of ICE STORM '08.
My parents arrived Sunday night just in time to enjoy the fun. The children were out of school for 3 days, so they had a 5 day weekend.. yeah for them (I mean me) they returned to school today. Being indoors for 3 straight days with 3 children, 1 teenage boy, 1 pre-teen boy, and 1 9 year old girl that is going on 17...I was going crazy!!! There are not enough computers in this house for that.. Thankfully PaPaw graciously allowed his grandchildren to use his laptop, diminishing some of the drama...Thanks DAD! Oh, I cannot miss saying thanks to my MOM for her wonderful help with the house while I worked on homework and dealt with other pressing issues--napping:o). Thanks MOM!! I love you both and am very thankful you got to enjoy the fun of being iced in with me and the kids!! At least this storm we did not lose power, amazing!!! Last year we were without electricity for 4 days or was it 6 days.. I don't remember but whatever it was it was definitely toooo long to go without heat, hot water, lights, etc.. Never heard my husband squal like he did taking a cold shower in a bathroom that was maybe 32 degrees at best... BUT hey he did it, way tougher than me, thats my "sharkman of the delta"!!:o)
Well, I am babbling and need to get off here and get ready for work. Hope to someday get some pictures of crafty things..soon, very soon!!!

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